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December 07, 2009


There are several homeless camps along interstate I-25, these people are living in tent citys up and down the I25 coridor along a creek named Fountain Creek, it runs behind down town and along the College. Anyway our city council has decided that this tent city is unsightfull and is blighting the citys image. They also spent 250 million on building the Olympic Training Center a new head office Downtown.(NOw the OTC is a private orginization and not really entitled to Government Funding on any level.) Mean while the New homless shelter was put on hold, forcing much of the homeless population to live in tents or self made shanties. So the city has decided to-one day soon-(Probably chrstmas eve.) remove the tent city and pass a law prohibiting anyone from setting up a tent in the city. What a bunch of Scum bags. Not the homeless- the city. Now I am opposed of taking from the weak. especially when I see so much squander with the budget of the city. They are always dropping hundreds of thousands and millions on Sculptures and concrete bike paths and skate parks  that no one uses. Not to mention buildings the city doesnt even own. No jails, No dmv offices, nope Buildings for strangers. And the old building had about 900 thousand dollars worth of art in the lawn . (THIS IS ME SCREAMING IN FRUSTRATION.)
So I made a Fun list for the employees of the city of Colorado Springs to do this Christmas Season.
1. Yell at the UPS guy for being late.(I'm sure he needs the added stress this time of year.)

2. Everytime you hear Merry Christmas respond with- ITS ALL A LIE!!!!

3. "OUTLAW" wastefull exterior christmas light  because its a Global Warming eccelerator.

4.  Steal something from the homeless.( THIS IS ME THROWING UP.)

5.  Release all the Child Mollesters from jail and fill it with casual pot smokers.(right up your alley.)

6.  Buy everyone that works for the city new workbook lap tops.(oh wait you did that last year. I remember the kid weedeating at the park had one).

7.  Spend half a million dollars on a fountain at the park that randomly shoots water into the air and then turn it off due to cut backs, and then turn it on and write tickets to children that are playing in it. ( Oh you did that too this year.)MY bad.

8. Threaten the community with cut backs of police and fire protection.

9. Give the old Olympic Training Center headquarters to the Star Trek fan club. And replace all the lawn art with authentic replicas of the Enterprise.(THE ONLY SMART THING )

10. See if you can empliment MORE BUISNESS STRATAGIES that you formed based on California's winning example.