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August 21, 2012

How zombies scared kids back then


You hear the word Zombie and the image of mangled corpses running after you comes into mind. Walking slowly with faltering steps; arms outstretched and ready to grab you and bite into your flesh.. Oh that is so scary! I can just visualize the “Night of the Living Dead” movie about zombies. But what exactly is a Zombie?

As early as the late 19th century, the story about the zombie coming back from the grave has already been popular in North America and Europe. In South Africa, some folktales are told of stories about people being turned into zombies for forced labor to work in train tracks. They were supposedly controlled by witches and feeding them salt will send them back to the grave. According to other sources, a zombie is an animated corpse brought to life through voodoo or magic. The medical field attributes zombification due to schizophrenia and other mental illness.Using it as a figure of speech, zombie can mean hypnotized or out of wits. It is also somebody who is controlled by another person, one who is not allowed to decide on his own. There are also English nouns referred to as Zombie.

Zombies used to be the Mr. FixIt All. If children played outside and refused to come in, the threat of seeing a zombie and thought of it suddenly grabbing them if they do not listen is enough to get them scampering fast inside.Nowadays though, it is not just the straight out of a horror film that people think of when they hear the word zombie.  Video games abound with zombies, thousands of them. Examples of zombie games are “The Last Stand Union City”, “Dead Valley”, “Dead Frontier Outbreak” and a lot more. There is also one of the most popular zombie games that even I like to play, Plants vs. Zombies! I use my cheap colored contact to play it for the safety of my eyes.

The film industry has also banked on the mystery surrounding zombies. If you want to scare yourself out of your wits, the best way is to relax and sit in the movies to watch zombies.  Night of the Living Dead by George Romero is the all-time zombie movie and has not been beaten by any zombie movie till now. More recent movies use zombies for biological warfare theme. They inject or spray a chemical in a certain city and then expect whatever is unwanted to disappear. All in all, whether you are bored or you want to scare somebody, just call the zombies and let them take over!