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July 07, 2008


so i'm in the chamber for less than an hour before crazy walks in.

today the part of crazy will be played by a 50 year old hardresser's assistant. he comes in and before i even can turn to look at him he's gushing about the store.

"All this glass looks so beautiful! I just wanna scream!"

i thank him for the compliment, since i just finished dusting all the glassware, and ask him if he needs any help. he ignores my question.

"Have you been here long? i've been here for 10 years?"

i tell him that the store is about a year old. he hands me a flyer for the hair salon he "works" for. after he hands me the flyer, but while he is speaking, the man starts doing thai chi...right in the middle of the store.

"you should come by the salon. those girls would love to get there hands on a head of hair like yours."

he nearly knocks over my display of wine decanters as he starts to get into his routine. i ask him to leave before he actually breaks something.

"fine, i'll go do my thai chi for someone who appreciates grace."

i can't help but laugh as he flits out in a huff. nice guy, i can't wait to walk by his salon and get accosted for a haircut i don't want/need. i do like the flyer he gave me...the one picture of a man getting a harcut is a bald guy looking constipated while the haridresser behind him is sporting a smirk that says, "i can't believe this stupid baldy is actually paying for a haircut"


ok, so i think i'm a little too worked up for the new batman movie...i caught myself reading spoilers yesterday (dont' worry i won't say anything). and i read the new EW magazine article about the movie 4 times last night. it wasn't even that well written, i just wanted to feel like i was watching the movie through the magazine...if that makes any sense. i also find myself just flipping through production stills of heath ledger in the joker garb over and over again. just staring at, what i find to be, an astonishingly original visual interpretation of one of the more inherently unique villans in literature (and yes, i do consider some comics literature).

i'm hoping that The Dark Knight, along with Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, and the new Hellboy movies will spark a new trend of high quality action movies that make jerry bruckhiemer ashamed to be alive. but i like to be very idealistic and naive when it comes to movies because i want to like them all. i'm the same way with music. i got all hyped up about the furure of film when johnny depp first sashayed about the black pearl, but was quickly disappointed the next year. but when the bad summer movie is the will smith movie (and really, Hancock ain't that bad, it's just that the parts that are bad are soooooo bad that they really stand out), you're in for a hell of a summer at the multiplex!

okay enough of this! i'm gonna go masturbate to pics of the Batpod!