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October 15, 2009


Just got to work..... had to write a quickie before I jump head first into grown- up things (p.s I worl on wall street- but do not shoot the messanger, I merely report on how fucked everything is) 

... so I take solace in knowing that without fail... saturday mornings  I will wake up to the sound of gunfire and cursing in my apartment a product of my boyfriend waking up at 7am to play PS3 on the movie screen we apparently needed a foot from our bed in our apartartment. This is fine with me.. because I benefit from his guilt- so every saturday ...after we have both developed post traumatic stress from COD ( Call of Duty for those who don;t know..like the Amish) he sneaks out and gets up breakfast and a big nice cup-o-joe.

Well I just wanted to let everone know that the love of my life has pre-orderd the COD: Modern warfare special edition set which comes with it's own night vision goggles and knife....

My boyfriend likes RPG, so if I end up missing or my head is found on a pike outside of our home.. blame on COD and those nerds in GameStop...  

P.S what happened to games like Super Mario and BurgerTime???? Games now come with a seizure warning... that has to be a fucking clue