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Wrriten by Betty Wetty for "This is Music?" magazine.

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August 04, 2012

An Interview Behind the Genius Comedian and Musician.


He's been on YouTube for less than a quarter of a year and already he's raking in a massive fan-base with his unique blend of tongue-in-cheek comedy and catchy, upbeat, commercial pop music. I, Tay Stayness (or Tay to his friends and fans) is a master of the subtle humor that he blends in with blatantcelebrity references, drawing upon the inspirations of fellow YouTuber's 'johnnyboyxo' and 'chriscrocker''s penchant for capitalizing video titles of well-known pop heroes and heroines. He recently got on the phone with Betty Wetty to talk about all things "stayness".

Betty Wetty: So, has sudden internet fame taken you by surprise?

I, Tay Stayness: Hell yeah! No, not really, I guess I've felt that sharing my gifts (as I call them!) with other TigerHeads (as I call them!) was almost written in the stars. I've always reckoned I could take the world by storm!

BW: You seem almost too sure of yourself!

ITS: Well, I just think it's good to be self assertive, it's a good quality, I reckon.

BW: And the singing, is that your natural voice?

ITS: Of course! I enjoy singing, actually, so its always good fun in "the studio".

(At this point I hear what sounds like a tea cup falling off a table)

BW: Are you alright, Tay?

ITS: (laughs) Yes I just spilled my cuppa on the carpet, oh well! Where were we?

BW:(giggle) I was just about to ask, Do you always wear the Tiger suit or does it actually come off?

ITS: Yes it does come off, in the shower, tigers don't seem to enjoy water as much as they make out! And sometimes at night when its hot.

BW: Outside of music and internet comedy, what else would you like to see I, Tay Stayness achieve?

ITS: I reckon TV, maybe Children's TV even, would be real good fun! I'd like to give the kids a few lessons about life and WILDlife!

BW: Ambitious boy! Have you had any offers yet?

ITS: Oh, you know what it's like on YT (sic: YouTube) the minute you show up on there, virtually all the major stations are badgering you, but so far, I've resisted!

BW: You've resisted your very own TV show? That sounds unlikely.

ITS: No, I really have! They offered upfront cash, plus a percentage, but I wasn't really interested in it.

BW: Was it too little?

ITS: No, it was just their ethos. It wasn't really the direction I was interested in. But, as they say, more things "will come along"!

BW: I love your positivity, it's almost infectious!

ITS: Like my songs!

Tay's new single "The Strength of a Tiger" is out now, with the music video on his Youtube channel at www.youtube.com/itaystayness - Betty Wetty writes for "Is This Music" e-magazine and indulges in local Lincoln entertainment.