In our last SNL recap of 2015, I mentioned that I, like Amy Poehler, did not care about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But then I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Guys, it’s a new year, and I am not the girl I used to be: I’m a Star Wars fan. This was in large part due to Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren, the petulant Darth Vader wannabe with serious daddy issues (not unlike some men we know, am I right ladies???). But what made him so intriguing was his ability to convey vulnerability while also being the most terrifying and powerful Sith of his order. Dude’s an intense actor, and the SNL crew put his trademark intensity to good work last night.

“Kylo Ren’s a punk bitch. That guy looks like he weighs 30 pounds soaking wet underneath that little black dress.”

That there would be some kind of Star Wars spoof was a given, and sometimes sketches that are obligatory end up suffering the most. In this case, the writers delivered the best sketch of the night by making Kylo Ren star in the reality show “Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base.” Adam Driver goes undercover as “Matt” the lowly radar technician who not-so-slyly brings Kylo Ren up in conversation like, all the time, in the cafeteria. You almost feel sorry for Kylo-Matt when he has no idea how to rewire a calcinator, which pisses fellow radar technician Leslie Jones off (“I haven’t had my muffin yet, Matt”), just to then have his tools kicked down the hallway by some prankster stormtrooper. But then things get dark … and ya don’t feel so bad anymore!

“Do you think mommy and daddy are thinking about us?”

Just want to say that I am SO HAPPY that the “Golden Globes” filmed piece wasn’t relegated to the “Cut For Time” pile of underappreciated comedy — like last episode’s Kyle Mooney/Amy Poehler sketch, a sure-to-be classic. Mooney and Kate McKinnon play the children of two Golden Globe award-winning writers, who do the customary thing and tell their kids to “go to bed” during their acceptance speech. The silly conceit (who are the kids of these Globe winners, and what’s going on with them?) coupled with the Mooney/McKinnon sibling pairing are guaranteed to put a smile on even the frowniest face. And if that doesn’t do it for ya: Liev Schriber shows up at the end.

“Let me assure all the viewers at home that we are not going to subject you to that again … at that angle. This angle is much better!”

This season’s cast and writers have a collectively weird comedic sensibility, and they’re most successful when they embrace that. Last night’s episode was the most brilliantly demented thus far, and this was most apparent in “NFL Playoff Game,” where we got to watch Adam Driver and Beck Bennett play sportscasters commentating and replaying a clip in which Packers quarterback rookie “Jared Schleff” (a delighted Pete Davidson) suffers a gnarly injury that sends his calves behind his knees. “I do pray for him, I do,” Driver asserts as they insist on showing the clip again … and again … and again.