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March 09, 2010


So...I bring the Cheese Strings to work, but M isn't there yet and Andrew is and when he sees it he LAUGHS because he has done the SAME THING!! We have both brought Cheese Strings to torture M with. Here's where it gets interesting!!! I'm walking by one of our cashiers and she exclaims how she LOVES CHEESE STRINGS!!! LOVES THEM!! So, I give her a couple and as Andrew and I walk away we both realize that F worked every day last week. ALSO, I have seen her open Tim's boxes/bags of other people's food "just to see if it's anything good"...and it occurs to us both that perhaps F is the one who ate the Cheese Strings. Andrew then proceeds to tell me the disturbing story of a customer who had an almost drained soft drink from MacDonalds and had asked F to please put it in the garbage. After the customer had left, F then DRANK the rest of the drink USING THE SAME STRAW!!! GROSS!! And, because she overheard us, another co-worker informed me that she has seen F drink from open coffee cups left in the lunchroom!!! So...I'm venturing that F is the one who ate the Cheese Strings and...it gets better!! M comes in and there is F munching on the Cheese Strings I gave her...LMAO!! It DOES NOT go unnoticed! But, instead of the scene that we're all hoping for, M decides to just walk away. She seeks me out in the aisle to ask me if I know what happened to her Cheese Strings and asks me if I noticed what F was eating LMAO!!! She is fuming FUMING, but she's telling me that she's not going to lose her temper, but is going to wait and confront her later and then DAMMIT!! My shift ended LOL I know I'm going to hear about it tomorrow LOL