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March 22, 2010


It's funny that sometimes you think that a line has been crossed somewhere, and you think that you just wrecked everything by jumping the gun, by trying a little too hard and possibly being much too honest.  But, here's the thing : I could not say what I think.  I could keep my emotions in check.  I could keep my mouth shut and by applying all three of those principles I could most likely get what I want...but then I wouldn't because the person accepting less from me will be in a relationship with someone else.
This is "me". 
It just is.
I wear my heart on my sleeve.  I speak before I think and...yah! I will cut you!  So...you know...watch it!
But when I love you....I really really love you and there's just nothing anyone can do about it.
Now, when I talk about the power of the drunken admission, I don't mean the repeated getting drunk and calling someone or showing up on their door step or just being pathetic like that.  I mean that you're not prepared to say something important...and then you get drunk and you do...and you get your friend back.
What's better than that???
Possibly not losing your friend in the first place...but...shut up!