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February 06, 2010


To Celebrate the release of my new Video, I decided to post a poem I wrote several months ago about my fifth/third favorite past time… farting. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed passing it…er…writing it! _________ IF POMES COULD FART by Ken Whitman If pomes could fart, would it tear you apart, with you holding your nose, or covering it up with your cloths? If pomes smelled like poo, Then what would you do? Would you find it a hassle, to go to White Castle, for your weekly reading, while your nose started bleeding? If pomes smelled like ass, would you think they had class? If pomes reeked of shit, Would you try to forget, all the smiles that they bring, just by saying their name? During a mad case of loven, would you perform a Dutch Oven, cause that poem was a doosey but now I feel woozie! If pomes make you puke, Would your say it a fluke? If pomes had a bad scent, make mine silent and violent!