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Published August 10, 2009 More Info ยป
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Published August 10, 2009
When I was in seventh grade I was really obsessed with suns, moons, and stars decorations. My entire room was filled with pictures of them that I colored with Crayola Special Edition Sparkle Crayons or printed off from websites that included poem I'm featuring today is kind of hard to read because I must've erased certain lines several times. I guess i was quite a perfectionist so you should know that this poem from my youth is nothing but pure genius."The Sun and Moon"Dark has taken over the skyAnd the smiling moon begins to shne.She smiles to her friends, the starsAs they sparkle the sky, ever so far.Night is gone and the moon says goodbyeAs the sun bounces up and takes over the sky.The rays surround the awakening EarthAs the clouds form, the day is at birth.