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January 17, 2010


I am not usually inclined to side with rappers in, well, pretty much any argument they want to make (mostly because I usually don't have the faintest fucking idea what they are even saying), but I think the rapper's name is Nellis (?), and she's being hounded by PETA for having worn a fur hat in public or some other nonsense. I get the "cruelty to animals" factor and I believe in advocating for animals because they can't do it for themselves. And, if it was Panda fur or some other hunted, endangered species where she was, in fact, breaking the law by owning said fur I would agree with them.
But, it wasn't. I would never buy or wear a fur. BUT, I also would not think myself so right and so important as to tell someone else, not even TELL them, but DEMAND that they not buy something they have every right to buy and wear lest I assault them with paint or shears or just threaten them....who the fuck died and made PETA the fashion police??  Nellis is an adult, she works and she pays taxes and she has the right to go into a store and buy what she likes and to wear it out if she pleases. 
You don't think people should wear fur, then don't wear fur, but it's not your place to instigate your beliefs unto another person.
Piss Off.