If you told a kid who just saw Star Wars at his local movie theater in 1977 that in 2014 Saturday Night Live would be lampooning a Star Wars movie, he would probably say “Of course they are! Everything will stay the same from my childhood through my adulthood! We’re all gonna live forever! I smoked hella cigarettes in that movie theater!” And he’d be right!

This weekend, SNL aired a parody of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer that was released last week and the underlying message is something we all know but don’t want to admit: Star Wars is old. The actors who played bad ass space cowboys and big fury dogs are old. And, if we’re being honest, so are all of us who are excited by a teaser trailer of a 7th Star Wars movie.

The parody hits all the top talking points from the real teaser (Ball Droid!) but the big highlight in the SNL parody is Bobby Moynihan’s Princess Leia trying to work the R2D2 in that all too familiar way our parents try to “turn on the email.”