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May 02, 2011

Critics are raving about Ken's new album, "By Request Only"

Critics are raving about By Request Only

"An honest load of emotional justice" - Heart Magazine

"Ken is fire" - The Weekly Hum

Tracks include:

1. Stop yelling

2. 9AM and single

3. Look under my rug

4. Don't touch my businessman

5. Sad puppets

6. Get out of the garbage can

7. Uncle

8. Blame it on the dogs

9. I've got the camera now

10. Yawn and squat

11. Pushing in the bushes

12. Don't move

13. Angry in the Shower

14. Clever moan

15. China Surprise

16. Hunger in the dark

17. Face cake

18. Only in my pocket

19. Chunky Chair

20. Finding my whistle

21. Scary horse

22. Peanut butter yum-yum

23. Backpack full of secrets

24. Guilt cream

25. Teardrop on your carpet

26. My first handshake

27. A fist full of hair

28. I'll dream about you if I want to

29. Home for Halloween

30. Puddle of happiness

31. Open up the Tinkle box

32. Let's make some plastic

and MORE!