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June 15, 2010


I don't really consider myself to be a jealous person, but there are certain things that make me jealous, triggers to which I have an extremely irrational and innate jealousy.  Firstly, spaghetti.  I get insanely jealous and immediately covet spaghetti  if I see anyone else have it, and I believe I have gone on record admitting to craving 1980's movie dumpster spaghetti.  I see it and I WANT IT!!! (Think Richard Dreyfuss in Stakeout).  I also can barely stand most episodes of  "Friends" , as the gang almost always has pizza on the table and then I want pizza.
Now, I am not a "mall girl".  I am not big on the shopping and only really shop immediately after having my hair done (because I need an outfit or two to go with my hair and also I am already in a mall or shopping area),or if I absolutely need to buy something for work or for Kelly. 
I loathe the mall.  I hate crowds.  I hate gaggles of people wandering aimlessly, blocking the tops and bottoms of escalators.  There are easily 30 or 40 places I would rather be than a mall. 
One thing I do look forward to if I know that I'm going to be in a mall, is the Food Court.  I love the idea of a Food Court because it is so laden with possibility.  I can grab a souvlaki, a sub, a taco, a burger, a slice of pizza, it's a mecca of opportunity and choice.  For me, I always go fo th Manchu Wok.  I love Shanghai noodles and I love honey garlic chicken, with a vegetable spring and fortune cookie to boot.  And, it's the only time I ever really eat somewhat "Chinese" food. 
I also love broccoli, snow peas and carrots BUT!  They serve these with cashews and/or almonds which I am allergic to.  So, other people get Manchu Wok and they have these heaping piles of green and colour, while I have three shades of brown.... and there's always a grissly piece of chicken or worse something explosively flabby that activates my gag reflex and makes me afraid to eat the chicken after only a couple of bites.  The noodles are always good, but they don't taste as good as that lady over there's salad, or that oher guy's taco or tha shitty little kid's absurdly delicious looking slice of cheese pizza.    I pay $10 for this plate I have chosen, and it just never seems as good as what OTHERS are having. 
You'r probably thinking that I should forgo the Manchu Wok and try something else next time, but when will next time be?  I hardly ever go to the mall, and I can order pizza any time, make my own salad or go to a Wendy's or MacDonalds just down the street any time.  The only thing I don't have near me is a Manchu Wok.
The Food Courtis so frought with possiblilty.... for other people.