5 Fun facts you didn’t know about diabetics:

1. Did you know? When a type 1 diabetic re-pierces a needle wound it likes to punch objects and random living things?

2. Type 2 diabetes is diagnosed by laziness and the “fuck getting out of bed i’d rather have an amputation” attitude

3.Diabetics sneeze out carbohydrates once a month. it’s like clear small jelly people. Its known as a “Diabetic Period” like girls have.

4.type 3 diabetes has never been researched on EVER by scientists. Its only known cause is by certain vegetables and hard candies.

5. Smoking and Drinking actually enhance a diabetics strength. Some have been know to tip over a bus after smoking a full pack of Belmont’s, and beat up a group of thugs after chugging a bottle of Appleton.

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