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February 01, 2013

Looper Duper fixes all of the problems with Looper in an alternate time line where Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emily Blunt, and a creepy kid go to the future to kill The Rainmaker.


So this is a Looper Sequel in which we fix all the problems in the original Looper. Also it takes place on a divergent timeline. It makes sense, don’t worry.


2044, Young Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) walks out into a field, the sadness of thousands of murders is in his eyes. Old Joe (Bruce Willis) appears in the field and says “Don’t shoot, let me explain.” So they talk and Old Joe explains time travel, and what’s going to happen; Young Joe is going to kill them both, the kid is going to be the Rainmaker, and he just wants his wife back. Young Joe thanks Old Joe for watching out for him, Old Joe tells Young Joe he’s not doing it for Joe, he’s doing it for Joe. They have a who’s on first base moment with all of this, it’s hilarious.

They go to the farm where Sara (Emily Blunt) and Cid (creepy kid) live. They sit down, have a nice little talk, time travel is explained again and the outcome of all of this. Sara is reluctant to let anyone in, she’s been hurt before. They still agree to team up when a bunch of time-assassins appear in the field. Young Joe and Old Joe start laying down cover fire holding off the assassins for a bit. But Sara get captured by one of the assassins, Cid sees this, and EXPLODES THAT ASSASSIN INTO A BLOODY MESS, it’s awesome. 

Old Joe explains that The Rainmaker must know they’re coming for him. They have to stop The Rainmaker before he destroys the team’s past. It’s confusing, so they explain the whole time travel thing one more time.


Old Joe thinks Cid can make a time machine if given the right materials. Cid starts building. Old Joe gruffly forces everyone on track with his plan. Young Joe ties to earn Sara’s trust, but she wont let him in.

Tensions come to a head when Old Joe yells at Cid for not working fast enough. Sara defends Cid. Young Joe tries to keep the peace. Sara says if she wanted she could just could kill Young Joe right now and end all of this. Young Joe says his death wouldn’t make any sense and be ultimately unsatisfying. As yelling crescendos, an out of control Cid EXPLODES the hide out their in, leaving only the building frame. Sara comforts Cid when suddenly shots start ringing out. More time-assassins!

The group splits up, each fending for themselves. Young Joe caught without guns gets pinned down. Old Joe’s trying to get to the time machine. Cid can’t seem to focus his powers to save his mother. Then, Old Joe seeing that his future is in trouble if he doesn’t do something. Old Joe distracts the assassins from Cid and Sara. Young Joe, following the lead of Old Joe goes and attacks the assassins. Joe and Joe beat to death the assassins and the day is saved. 

Then MORE ASSASSINS show up, this time in combat anti-telekinetic exoskeletons! Young Joe tells Sara to leave him, take care of herself and Cid. Old Joe tries to hurry them off, Sara says no, it’d be stupid and unsatisfying if Young Joe died. Cid jams some pieces of the time machine together as a bullet storm rages around them. Cid blasts the group and WOOSH!


2074, The group appears in a bullet ridden farmhouse. They pick up Old Joe 2 who seems happy with Old Sara. Young Joe asks what happened and they say, you’ll find out. Old Joe 1 asks what happened to him, they let him know that he passed, and he was happy. The six of them head to the Rainmaker’s hideout.

Psychic waves come out of nowhere knocking the group back. The psychic powers are more powerful psychic powers than they expected. A bunch of assassins in combat anti-telekinetic exoskeletons appear. Old Joe 1 hides, he just wants to make it to see his wife. Cid is scared, he can’t summon his powers. Young Joe, with Sara and Cid, doesn’t know what to do. Old Joe 2 and Old Sara are the only ones fighting back.

Young Joe tells Sara no matter what happens, he cares about her, he starts to go to attack, but Sara pulls him back giving him a passionate kiss. Old Joe 1 sees this, nods to himself and jumps out from the cover. He gets riddled with bullets but he manages to take out a few anti-telekinetic devices.  Cid, seeing Old Joe get shot focuses, Boom! Huge telekinetic waves fire, taking out assassin after assassin. The Rainmaker appears. Young Joe confronts The Rainmaker, screaming he’s not afraid of the Rainmaker. No matter how many times The Rainmaker kills him, Young Joe will always come back, love makes him invincible. The Rainmaker is touched, BOOM! Cid explodes that dude when he wasn’t paying attention. It’s over.

They all gather around dying Old Joe 1. Old Joe 1 is happy because he helped everyone. This is the moment Old Joe 2 and Old Sara were talking about. Sara and Young Joe hold each other, mirroring Old Sara and Old Joe 2. Cid telekinetically pulls the bullets from Old Joe’s body. Cid forces his heart to pump a few times and SNAP, Old Joe 1 is alive.


The End. Or is it. Infinite Time Loops. Infinite Possibilities. Franchise! 


This idea is available for $10,000 with 16% interest compounded daily for 30 years.