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November 01, 2008


Last night we took part in a a Trunk or Treat. It was a trunk load of fun!
My daughter and I dressed as Pirates!
We had a treasue chest full of candy.
Any time a kid came up I would say, in my most swash buckling voice
"Welcome to Davy Jones Trunk, help ye-self to some Candy"
I had a secret stash of Giant Pixie Stix, and when a kid came up that was dressed as a Pirate
 I would ask "Who be your Captain?"  if they answered me, I would give them a Giant Pixie Stick. I also had super long red Licorice ropes that "Me Captain (Daughter)" handed out to her friends from school that came to the "Trunk or Treat"  There were about 25 cars there, and about 300 kids showed up. My camera died after about 4 pictures, (I forgot to charge it) So I don't have very many  pics of it :-(
The sign says, "This be Davy Jones Trunk"
I made six little kids cry, it was so worth it!

What did you do last night?