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October 13, 2009


Look, we've spent enough time together, right? We're at that level. I feel like we can talk, really talk, with each other. Well, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. I "decorate" Yelp pages.

It started a few months ago. A friend needed a tire shop so I recommended the super great Davis Brothers Tires. I grabbed their Yelp link but then something about the photos in the upper right corner grabbed my attention and then a voice inside my head said, "Add a Jurassic Park photo." I don't know why but I did it anyway.

Davis Brothers Tires

I set up a dozen fake accounts that day and placed a dozen photos on Yelp review pages. Months later, I was shocked to see that they were all still up. I was about to get on with my day but, once again, that voice demanded another photo and I obliged.

Dockweiler Beach

I was about to make lunch but then another idea popped into my head, and another, and another.

Staples Center

Olive Garden

Ralphs Marketplace

Some make sense and some make no sense at all.

Home Depot


I even plugged my friend's show in this Jiffy Lube review.

Jiffy Lube

I hope you enjoy the samples of my work but there are so many more, across so many accounts. Good luck finding them. Oh, one other thing. I wrote about it so I get to name the practice - that's how it works. For now on, we call it Coopermaning. That's right, my name just became a verb. "Yo, you see that Waffle House page? I just Cooperman'd the hell out of it. LOL!"