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November 01, 2016

Did you know that a mobile app can tell you when the best time to pee is?

When An App Tells You When To Pee

memegen pee.jpg

What’s interesting is that we spend so much time on our mobile phones…

Yet, apart from making friends, and having more followers - don’t you wonder what else mobile phones can help you in your lives?

Like, can it actually help us get out of sticky situations?

Like, when we don’t have enough money?

Or when we need to take a pee, just when the interesting movie part is about to take place?

Or how about if you just need to take a break from work, without being found out….
I had a look around on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and found a few mobile apps that could help out just these situations I mentioned:

1) Get more money - use MooCash appto get more money with just using your phone daily

2) Sell your photos - use Foap appto sell the photos you snap on your mobile phone and make money

3) Pee only when its boring - if you’re ever in a movie theater and want to take a pee, find out the best time to pee and never lose watching that interesting movie part again….

Now go and enjoy your life! :)