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Tweets are actual quotes by sports broadcasters. Article written by Gregory Malcolm. Tweets sbodypspan
hared by Nihara Nichelle and Gregory Malcolm.

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December 08, 2013

A brief story about how the twitter account "Stupid Sexy Sports" came about and a few of our favorite tweets

By Gregory Malcolm (my husband)

Like most guys, I enjoy various sports. I can find myself easily glued to the tube on Sunday during football season. My wife, however, is not into sports as she might say. After a while, I learned she enjoyed listening for the sexually loaded quotes. 

At first, I was actually rather annoyed. I was just trying to watch a game and forget some of my problems. I did not appreciate the little snickers she would let out while I'm zoned out on the contest. But there were a few quotes that even had me asking "did they just say that". 

That is how my wife and I came up with the concept of Stupid Sexy Sports. It's been a couple of years since the beginning. We enjoy sharing them and believe more people would enjoy the feed. To find more followers, we decided to collect our favorite 10 to share on various platforms, such as FOD.


So head on over to our twitter feed and share some of your favorite stupid sexy tweets.