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October 02, 2016

Nikki Bella Reveals Massive Fight with Daniel Bryan, John Cena on the Road with WWE This Weekend

John Cena on the Road with WWE This Weekend :

John Cena will be appearing at recently WWE live event in Las Vegas, NV, the Ontario, California event on Sunday, and Monday’s event in Palm Springs, CA.

Nikki Bella Reveals “Massive Fight” with Daniel Bryan

As noted, The Bella Twins are currently in New York doing promotional work for the series premiere of “Total Bellas”, and the twins spoke with AOL’s BUILD series.

During the appearance, which you can watch in the video player below, the Bellas talk about filming their new show while Daniel Bryan was going through his retirement, and how difficult it was for Bryan, and then for Brie Bella when she chose to retire.

Nikki admitted to having a massive fight with Daniel Bryan at one point, as Nikki felt Bryan was not supporting Brie enough during the few months before her retirement, and Nikki had the following to say:

“[Daniel Bryan] cussed at me, and Bryan does not ever say a cuss word. But I drove him to get that angry.”