FEB. 7, 2012


Talk show host Rosie O’Donnell has reportedly already fired 30 employees from the set of her new show.  

In related news, Rosie is now qualified to run for the Republican nomination.


A man in Alberta has been fined $5,000 for illegally keeping two rattlesnakes in his home.

A word of advice: When the officer is writing you a ticket ... that would be a good time to sic the rattlesnakes on him.


A Montana man pled guilty to charges of reckless driving,  telling officers that he instigated a police chase “just to try it”.

Hey, you do know that federal law doesn’t follow the same logic as justifying why Katy Perry kissed a girl?


President Obama called on Tuesday for millions of dollars in new funding to improve math and science education, stating that it might be fun to have upcoming debates against his opponents be more challenging than they are.


A Florida man who allegedly "friended" the defendant in a case on Facebook while serving jury duty could face jail time next week, if found guilty of disregarding a judge's orders.

Although even worse, he could receive like a billion invites to Farmville. 


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