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August 19, 2013

An examination of how each American worker contributes to our national economy and its cycle of excess and purge.

In this economy, people sometimes struggle to understand how their hard work contributes to the larger economic engine that drives our society.  Prior to the industrial revolution, the American economy was much simpler.  Most people’s working lives could be characterized as subsistence based.  Simply providing food and shelter for one’s own family required a considerable amount of toil.  Now that we’re not required to harvest our own fields and manufacture our own clothing, however, the nature of our work has changed.  Let’s take a second to break down your role in the machinery of modern society.


  • Since the industrial revolution, most working Americans have assumed a role in the development of products or services designed to make our lives easier and more convenient.


  • With the invention of machinery that does our hardest labor for us, most Americans have shifted to less physically demanding jobs.


  • With more time on our hands and less physical labor required, Americans have begun to gain considerable amounts of body fat.  Fear not!  Your ever-growing meat suit is a testament to America’s proclivity for innovation and invention.


  • Years of compounded innovation means we now enjoy an abundance of things necessary to sustain life such as clothing and food.  As a result, our tastes have evolved beyond the desire for mere sustenance and we are able to indulge in a variety of fun and delicious novelty foods.


  • Now hold on tubby, like most Americans, by now your meat suit is probably weighing you down.  Luckily, our economy has developed a variety of answers for you to consume your way back to health.  


  • With the money you’ve earned and time you save making life more convenient, you can enjoy any one of the plethora of industries designed to help you with your meat suit: health clubs, personal trainers, weight loss pills, crash diets, dietitians, lap band surgeons and even reality television personalities.


  • And so it goes.  Work to make life less physically taxing and then exercise to replace the physical labor that’s missing from your life.  Feel trapped in that cycle?  Congratulations!  Your life has become another proud example of that vital cycle that creates and sustains the modern American economy!