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January 16, 2009


A true comedian knows that nothing is off limits. And since no one was injured in yesterday's surprise landing, this is just a funny picture. Get to capping.

I was thrilled to judge yesterday, and I'm equally excited to pass the torch to someone else.

The best of the best is :

1. Hairlesspet
"Look a giant fish!"
I say, and when you look I
kick you in the balls.

Damn smart strategy. Though as WILLIBOY points out, it will still be a slo-mo roundhouse.

2. Sabre419
Two Scuba Ninjas,
And One Big-Ass Purple Fish...
Yup... The 'shrooms kicked in.

Now, the photo makes a lot more sense to me.

3. Jimbobalouie
Fisherman Ninjas
Just compete underwater
For the Halibut

You know I love a good pun. And halibut's a tough one to work in. Kudos!

So, congratulation to Hairlesspet. You are now hairlessjudge.