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December 16, 2010

i dun shot blitzen plus, my CHRISTmas list

Deere Santer claws, U no my name but now that im big timen here in the big city, i go by Toby now. well i dint no if u got my new a-dress.  i was hopin u did cAuse i dont remeber.   newho.  i wanted to give u my new CHRIST(keep the good lawrd in christmas)mas  list  plus an ap-ol-a-geee  fur shootin blitzen last year. He tasted purty good i liked him. he made really good jerkey. also im the only  Tubb in who shot a raindeer i mounted that sumbitch coasted me a fourtain.

so here goes my list....
1. i want re-im-burst-ed for mountin blitzen taxodermist was expensive

2. i want 20 CASES of BUD or PBR....omg to many choices i dunno suprise me as long as i get 20 cases od beer.

3. i want 50 rolles of Copenhagan 

4. 100 cans of spam

5. ooo a new 30-06 yea yea yea i want that  

6. flannle 

7.a new  lift kit for my truck

8. a new truck

9. skynyrd tickets

10.  100 cans of spam

i thunkin thats it.  hey man you comin same time as last year i promis i wont shoot rudolf even though a red nose raindeer would be awesome