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January 17, 2011

My expierience with the golden globes

Last night I had the unfortunate pleasure of watching the golden globes.  How painfully alwful.  I was forced into it by my gf who offered the promise of a bj.  First off, whats the deal with showing off the dresses and suits they were wearing.  Is it me or is it like a farmer showing off his finest cattle to a bidder. The worst though is the reactions people give when someone else wins.  They just sit there and smile and clap.  WHAT THE FUCK????? Why aren't they pissed?  I'd be angry and throwing tables over.  And the women? you think they would be extra pissed.  You know they sucked endless amount of directors cock to get were they had to be, and not to mention the four days they spent in the bathroom with thier fingers down the their throat just to even fit in thier overpriced dress.  So next time i will opt out of the bj and go with the right hand.  It hasn't failed me yet.