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February 22, 2010


Those Were Different Times Contest #22
Introducing, a foreign album cover of Mr. Loinel Hampton's "HAMP IN PARIS VIVE LA FRANCE"
(who was actually a pretty cool guy)  Guess what? you can actually listen to this one: 
have fun.

12. No way they'd put his pic near real white women. Just the abstract drawing gave the censors hives.
11. Ah man, I've been looking for a Fat Albert and the Junkyard Band Weird Harold PEZ dispenser.
10. Max Headroom didn't translate well.
9. I haven't spent a nickel here since I spread the word I'm Josephine Baker's kid.
8. I don't trust red people.
7. I prefer Hemp in Perris.
6. People said he talked too much.; he was always going off on a glockin’ spiel
5. I got hamped in Paris once. Fortunately, penicillin took care of it.
3.Hamp is an acronym for Have At My Penis.
2. "Oh yes we can, I know we can can, yes we can can, why can't we?, If we wanna, yes we can can." Lionel WHO?!

1. That panty shot keeps drawing my eyes to it like some dirty magnet........I can't resist!.......must......click........WSS.......