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April 10, 2014

Stephen Colbert has always shown himself to be more than just Stephen Colbert.


It’s official. Stephen Colbert will replace David Letterman as host of CBS’s Late Show sometime in 2015. And while, he’s the perfect choice for a hundred reasons, Stephen Colbert has never actually hosted a talk show before, only “Stephen Colbert.”

So who is the man behind the character? And more importantly, can he be trusted to handle the reins of one of late night's most important institutions? The answer: Of course, ya big dummy.

Nevertheless, here are seven delightful clips that peel back the curtain and give us a pretty good sense of Stephen Colbert the comedian and now future host of the Late Show. Unless, of course, he creates a new "talk show host" character and all of this becomes null.

Will the Real Stephen Colbert Please Stand Up?

In this segment, from his sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey, Colbert discusses the expectations of who he’s supposed to be when he’s invited somewhere.

Q&A with President Clinton

There’s a very real moment from Colbert at 7:45 in this clip, where, if after watching you’re not excited about this guy as a person, then there’s LITERALLY something wrong with you.

Meet the Press Meets Stephen Colbert

Colbert intentionally slips in and out of character in this Meet the Press interview, but isn’t that what we’re all secretly hoping from him anyway?

Stephen Speaks

Why anyone but comedians are ever asked to give speeches anywhere ever is one of life’s most baffling questions.

Who Knew It Was That Kind of Interview?

Colbert on Letterman is why Colbert is replacing Letterman.

The Colbert Story

Some teenager at Yale interviews Colbert for his college talk show and it might be favorite thing on the internet. Also, Colbert assures us, that despite his political flirtations,  he just wants to keep doing comedy for a long, long time, which now seems obvious.

And That's a Rap

Fingers crossed, Wayne Brady will be the first guest on the new Late Show.