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April 13, 2010


You know your a biker when...

all your cars and trucks are parked outside because the garage is full
of bikes and parts.

you think woman are turned on by the sound of a bike starting.

you have a collection of air filters (10) but only one fits your current bike.

every shirt you own is cotton with something written on it.

you think that dressing up means putting on a brand new t-shirt and

all your pants are stained with chain lube.

you have more riding boots than dress shoes.

you have three sets of tools, metric, regular and those goofy british

Sunday is set aside for riding instead of watching sports on tv.

when your bike makes a funny ticking noise and you know right away what it is without even looking.

you don't even flinch when your hit by a bug when riding.

you can tell what bike it is just by hearing the exhaust.

someday you would like to find your first bike and restore it.

your bike is worth more than your car or truck.

you shudder when you see some body tighten spokes with a cresent wrench.

the sides of your tires are worn more than the center.

you know how and when to use your front brake.

the only springsteen you know rides flat track.

you wash your parts in old gasoline even though it's about as safe as
sorting out live rattle snakes.

almost nothing on your new bike is stock and almost everything on your
vintage bike is.

when your income tax comes in you start thinking about buying bike