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July 10, 2009


Well I just sent off the jugs of my snowmobile for a bore out. When I get the jugs and heads and new pistons back I should be leathal this winter. I had to read a disclaimer and agree that my family wouldn't try to get a lawsuit against the company for doing this thing I want. Basicly I am turning a run of the mill snow mobile into a super highspeed racing machine with almost a 100 sure percent of fatal consiquence.  Its going to be so cool. I plan on having a 180 horses to the snow, with a hill clicker clutch. should give me a six foot standing launch takeoff (Wheely) for  at least 25-50 yards. If my estimates are correct on this over-bore porting project  I should be able to achieve 0 to 60 in about two and a half seconds. 0 to 100 in about six seconds. I should top out at about 120-ish depending on snow conditions.I may be off 5 mph over. but I don't think so. I should get at least a six sled length advantage over a stock-mod racing machine. Racer x black, and a total sleeper. Should suprise at the skins races. And this is all obtainable with hightest pump gas. I don't even want to think about boon docker nitros, or a supercharger.(to devistating to the machine when it blows and nothing is salvagable.) I want to get my ski-doo tattoo on my back this year. And I am going to the costume shop to get some stuff for my next video, JOE BANDANNA. Peace to your love. i'm out.