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August 18, 2015

Here are 15 jobs we truly hope George Zimmerman never gets.

It’s not summer if George Zimmerman isn’t making news, and if George Zimmerman is making news, it’s not good news. Today we learned that Zimmerman is selling Confederate Flag paintings with the owner of a “Muslim-free” gun shop. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s an actual job description, and it’s pretty darn appalling, to put it lightly.

From Zimmerman’s perspective, however, this seems like a pretty good gig. From what I gather, he can make his own hours, meet all kinds of “interesting” people, and profit from explicit racism. Come to think of it, this could be Zimmerman’s dream job.

Now from our perspective, this could actually be a big positive as well. How so? There are so many things that Zimmerman could be doing that would cause far more damage and heartache in this world. Here are 15 jobs we truly hope George Zimmerman never gets:

1. Guidance Counselor

2. President of the United States

3. Anger Management Therapist

4. Children’s Clown

5. Police Officer

6.NAACP Official

7. Father

8. Couples’ Counselor

9. Human Rights Advocate

10. History Teacher

11. Gun Control Expert

12. Host of “The Daily Show”

13. Superhero

14. Social Worker

15. Husband