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May 31, 2017

Our nation may not be quite as divided as you think.

With the exception of the Civil War, our country is perhaps more divided than it has ever been.

After a contentious presidential election and other highly partisan political battles around the country, tensions are still running high between the right and left, and the similar demographics of pro-[President Donald] Trump and anti-Trump.

In these divided times, is there ANY room for compromise? That’s what we wanted to find out.

So we put a pro-Trump and anti-Trump person in a room, and what happened next might shock you.

Almost immediately, believe it or not, a dialog began between the two men. What a concept!

“What is this even for?” asked Nate Johnstone, a Trump voter and still-avid supporter. “Did you agree to this?”

“Absolutely not,” responded Andrew Harris, who despises Trump and voted for Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. “Are there any lights in here? I can’t see anything.”

Amazing. Then after even more conversation, the men banded together and showed incredible unity, despite their vast political differences.

“Let us out of this room!” yelled Harris as he pounded on the door, and was quickly joined by Johnson, doing the exact same thing. Neither of them had their cell phones, which we previously confiscated for the good of the experiment.

After several minutes of yelling and pounding, a passerby heard the commotion outside of the abandoned warehouse, called the police, and a crew was dispatched to unlock the door and let the two men out. We hear they’re both very angry with us and are trying to track us down as we speak.

Regardless, let’s remember the incredible thing we saw: Two people with seemingly insurmountable political differences were able to put them aside and unite.

So if you hear anyone saying our nation’s divisions are beyond repair, tell them they’re wrong. There is hope after all.

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