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January 16, 2015

Revealing insights into the hidden depths of Essex's Premier Cougar!

Who is Dolly Slatemen?

Dolly Slatemen is the ultimate wannabe Essex cougar. Her and taboos don’t mix. Nothing is off limits. Using her sex, age, attitude and life experience, she’s the voice of her community. She’s the woman who says what you’re thinking but don’t have the balls to say it. She’s also a survivor, a self-styled entrepreneur and multi-lingo linguist; she exploits every opportunity she can to get what she wants. It’s the ‘tough world” likeability factor. Her domain is her pub (The Mankey Bush) and through her quick-fire, reportage stream of consciousness we see through her the bigger world on the outside – a unique perspective derived from the inside of her small pub. She’s like a pint of lager in a half pint glass.Her style is conversational but is often sabotaged with comic cutaways which are at odds with what she’s saying. Actions do really speak louder than words, even Dolly’s. Her character will develop over time by returning to the familiar domain of her pub and also through her idioms, idiosyncrasies and insights into her life as a landlady/business woman, wannabe cougar, wife and mother. That’s true multi-tasking. She really believes that she has a positive effect on the community around her which explains her voracious appetite for self-help books on a whole range of subject matters. But it’s the customers and staff that are normally the victims of her self-imposed research. “Cause you know what that means, don’t ya?” But do we ever quite know what Dolly means? She’s not one to argue with; but with her unbounded, misguided confidence, we can’t help but nod our head in agreement, at whatever she’s saying. And sometimes just to keep the peace.