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April 28, 2015

Rapper, Professor, Comedian, Revolutionary, grooming for political office... for now focusing on the grooming. About to drop music video #RabbiOfRap

Watch Madeline Minx’s new music video ‘Rabbi of Rap’!

Rapping Rabbi Entertains while Endorsing Education as a Way out of Violence!


THE RABBI OF RAP will teach you things you never thought you’d learn from your college professor!


Madeline Minx’s new music video RABBI OF RAP just dropped: https://youtu.be/xW8garNA4kA

In the Rabbi of Rap, Harold, a small time drug dealer, skips school to make a drug connection in the campus parking lot, despite his girlfriend Tiffany’s objections. When the deal goes awry, Tiffany is caught in the crossfire. Harold’s desire to avenge the shooting is challenged by a rapping Rabbi who shows him why education is the most powerful weapon.

The video is wildly entertaining and fun yet offers a powerful message. To choose education over violence. “Education is a weapon of mine, it ain’t a weapon of bullets, it’s a weapon of minds.” – Rabbi of Rap

Madeline Minx became interested in rap when she discovered her students use the art form to express their most vulnerable truths, fears, hopes and dreams. Student Alviana Johnson (aka M.C. Starstruck) raps during the song’s breakdown: “Too many youngsters wanna be ballers, and not enough wanna grow up to be scholars….why’s everyone wanna be Dwayne Carter? With no guns on me homie, I go harder.” (Lyrics by Jacori Bowers). This kind of fighting spirit inspires Minx (her real name is Noemi Zeigler) to push her students from varying socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds not only pursue career goals but exceed all expectations, mostly their own. Minx’s previous collaboration with her students was on hilarious rap music video FEMINEM, which was featured in The Huffington Post: http://huff.to/1iRs4zq

Madeline Minx has been described as part Mackelmore (positive rapper), part Lucille Ball and part Jewish Madonna. Funny, sexy, powerful and fully possessed, Minx is a respected M.C. who won the SLAM competition at Tourettes Without Regrets — the Bay Area’s hottest monthly event featuring hip hop, slam poetry, burlesque and more. Minx has toured and released music, music videos, comedy and one woman multimedia shows. Her bio, press and music tracks can be accessed at www.madelineminx.com

The Rabbi of Rap song is part of a feature film hip hop musical currently in development with producer Wendy Kram.