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July 26, 2008


so it turns out that Julia Allison is in Palo Alto, and being completely broke i couldn't get there in time to court her at the Techcrunch party she was attending. sadly, she spent most of the evening with a cute, Asian member of the international geek squad. i'm so jealous. i coulda taken him. but her pictures looked great, so at least i've got that.



on to other stupidness...

i've had one customer in the chamber since i opened at 10am. she was okay with me, even if she was on the phone the entire time she was in the store. she had a very pleasent voice so i was shocked when the actual words coming out of her mouth were so theatening. i was glad she was not actually speaking to me.

she was on the phone with her laundromat. complaining that they had ruined a large quantity of her and her hunsband's clothing. dresses and silk shirts of hers and apparently "every single pair of her husband's shorts" were irreparably damaged. she was quite convinced that her loss was in excess of $2000 and she would take the establishment to court unless she was voluntarily reimbursed by the laundromat.

now, i might just be saying this because i'm broke and thusly cannot afford anything nice, so i don't put a lot of emotional or monetary value on my own possesions, but are $2000 worth of clothes worth all that fuss? the court costs alone would almost definetly exceed the amount being sought after (especially in this town), and chances are the business establishment has some sort of liability waiver (or insurance) that keeps them from being held responsible for such accidents.

or maybe what really bothered me was that even with her pleasent tone of voice the woman was personally attacking the poor man on the other end of the line. accusing him of purposefully destroying their clothing because they didn't tip (well...maybe she should tip), and then when she threatened with litigation if her demands were not met she never gave the man a chance to answer (though he could have...she just didn't stop talking). she just continued to berate him over how unbelievable it was that his laundry service was so utterly incompetent. she couldn't understand how, after 5 years of sending her laundry to him, he could mess up so badly.

wait a sec...she's been using this guy for 5 years, this is his first mistake, and her first reaction is pay-me-or-i'll-see-you-in-court?

okay, i'm done...something about this just made me die a little inside.