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November 30, 2015

Chuck Todd called him out for his Islamaphobic lies but he's not backing down from being a lying piece of shit.

It’s Monday so why don’t you torture yourself a little bit more by listening to Donald Trump reinforce his claim he saw Muslim’s cheering on 9/11 and painstakingly explain what a tailgate party is.

In an illogical and infuriating conversation with Meet The Press’ Chuck Todd, Trump continues to pronounce “huge” as “ewe-ge” and spread Islamophobia. Both are incredibly upsetting and offensive.

At this point, though, we get it! Trump is an egotistical sick fuck whose only tactic is fear mongering and name calling. There’s no need for him to keep proving to us who he is. We’ve all figured it out and are ready to move on to see just how offensive some of the other candidates can be! No need to hog all the attention by being a bigot overachiever!