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March 18, 2010


Okay, so one of the blogs that got deleted last week was about these two teenagers in Australia who beat a fellow Canadian of mine into a pulp, robbing him and leaving him with a fractured skull.  Oh, and did I mention that the guy they so bravely beat up was wheel chair bound??  He's a 35 year old from Winnipeg who broke his back in a snowmobiling  accident years ago and he was in Australia for an extended visit to his girlfriend.  So, one night he's taking a train somewhere and these two teen thugs beat and rob him, take the chair from him and leave and then return to beat on him more with a piece of metal from the guy's own chair.  Sick and disgusting, right?
It gets better.  The two are claiming it was "self defense." 
Self Defense.
The claim is that my fellow Canadian was harassing them BOTH to the extent that they BOTH felt so afraid for their very lives that they had no choice but to rob and assault him.  Let me give you a tip, dumb asses,  if an unarmed person in a wheelchair is hassling you and you feel THAT THREATENED...all you have to do is go up a few stairs.  There's really not much he can do at that point right? 
Self Defense.
Hopefully a fellow inmate will be good enough to show them what "self defense" really means when they are in the shower together in prison.