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July 17, 2008


and i'll build me a robot, and we'll look just the same, and i'll teach him the handshake, i'll teach him the game. he won't feel empty and i won't feel ashamed, and we'll find the way back home...

that's a line from Kevin Gilbert's rock opera 'The Shaming of the True', and it has always taken a bite out of me, everytime i hear it, or read it, or even think of it. because i want to create beauty, and be recognized for it on a certain level, but i don't want to deal with the consequences of that recognition, or make some of the sacrifices it takes to get there. but mostly i just think it would be awesome to have a robot twin.

i could switch off which one of us would get to be the social deviant and which one would be the good guy and go to work. sometimes i'd just sit at home, play Madden and watch youporn.com while my robot twin took care of my wordly obligations...i could vacation without missing a day of work...never use a sick day. in fact, the only responsibility i would never hand over to my robot twin is babysitting...because that's more fun than just about anything, and i don't trust robots with kids (some sci-fi paranoia does carry over into reality).

hell, if i programmed it to be sarcastic and make lots of homoerotic jokes my wife and my roommate wouldn't even be able to tell the difference and i could even go train hopping!

does anybody on FOD have a PhD in cybernetics? if so, please let me know. i'm also open to cloning.

(i think i'm a clone now, another one of me is just hangin' around ...thank you Weird Al)