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November 11, 2008


i love me some california weather... southern california weather to be precise (you can keep that northern california junk with all it's fog and what not).  but lately, something has changed... and i don't know if it's because we broke the sky or pissed off mother nature or lost a bet... but, the weather has gone bonkers.  case in point, i leave the house for work in the morning -- it's 50 degrees, 60 tops.  by lunch it's 80 something.  this friday it's supposed to by mid to high 90s where i work.  why do i need a change of clothes just to make it through the day, dear old planet earth eco-system?  what did i ever do to you?  was it all the aquanet i used as a preteen/teen?  did the sun tell you what i said about you?  because that sun is just a bold faced liar!  you can't trust that guy at all!  all i am asking for is a day where the temp stays relatively similar throughout... so, i can wake up and know what to wear... and, you can't trust weathermen... they, like the sun, are also bold faced liars (and shitty dressers to boot).  at least the office i work in has the right idea, it's a constant 32degrees anytime of the day.  brrrrrrr.... take note, planet earth -- that is how you do it.  i may be freezing my ass off... but, at least there aren't any surprises!

must stop typing... my hands have frozen to the keyboard awefuihiuaefiuhefauheafh...

your pal,