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April 21, 2011

When you're a kid you have certain expectations about being an adult one of which is owning a home. At least that's the impression you get from watching to much TV and growing up in suburbia. For most of my adult life I've lived in barracks, on friends couches, in my vehicle or apartments and I'd grown accustomed to a certain amount of unpredictability and as an Artist with very little income it never crossed my mind that some day I'd be faced with the challenge of buying an actual house. Of course I never imagined I'd be married or a father either and I've somehow managed to pull both those off with some success. The aspect of spending the rest of my life in one place is a little daunting but on the bright side I'm already more than half way through my life so perhaps it's not all that bad after all. At any rate the housing market appears to be on my side so I suppose it's time to grow up and find a house. Does anyone know if the banks are giving out free money anymore?