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July 02, 2010


I've been wanting to do this for a while and I hope this will become the herpes of the FOD community ( in a good way). The Viral Cap Contest is quite simple: I will start the contest here and judge the winner who will become the new host and judge.  The winner of that contest will host and judge the next contest and so on and so forth...

For each contest, the new host can set the rules as most viruses mutate over time. However, there must always be a winner and a runner up in the scoring. If the winner does not want to host the contest they can opt to infect the the runner up.

 To make it easier for users to locate the contest I ask that they feature the contest logo on their profile as well (or make your own logo indicating you're hosting). I hope all of you contract this proverbial Herpes and we can all spread happiness throughout the land! Yeah!

I'll infect (pick) the first winner on Sunday for the best cap on the picture below:

*When I said that this contest was sponsored by Valtrex, what I meant was it is not sponsored by Valtrex.