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February 13, 2012

A heartfelt tribute to Whitney Houston from the creators of Bitch&Fag

I was so very saddened by  Whitney Houston’s death.  Whitney and her music have been with me through my entire life. I barely remember a time I wasn’t dancing to her songs, admiring her beauty or wishing I had even a fraction of her talent. However, the circumstances of her death and her on-going battle with drugs will likely overshadow her amazing legacy.  She deserves better than that.

Sure, she sounded bat-shit crazy in her famous 2002 interview with Diane Sawyer, but it was probably just the laryngitis.  So what if she demanded Sawyer “show her receipts” for the alleged $700,000 worth of drugs she had bought that year? You don’t know. Maybe that’s how high-end drug dealers roll. 

Let’s also give the woman some credit where credit is due.  She was right, crack is whack.

I’ll admit, we still don’t know what the f*ck she was doing in Israel, why she ever married Bobby Brown or who Ray J is, but none of that matters people! Even though I am personally responsible for at least 3,000 YouTube views of her telling Bobby Brown to “Kiss my ass”, I hope we can all see beyond her train wreck of a personal life and focus on the movies and music she left behind.

In 1987, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” introduced little girls, and special little boys, everywhere to bedroom dance parties and mirror make-outs.

In 1992, the movie “The Bodyguard” broke the race barrier and enchanted audiences with the touching tale of romance between a gorgeous, talented black woman and a dumpy, middle-aged white dude.

In 1993, “Something in Common” showed you could put a positive spin on anything.  Also, that matching couple outfits aren’t just for white trash people waiting in line to ride The Viper at Six Flags.

In 1995, the movie “Waiting to Exhale” taught young women about love and friendship and if a man wrongs you, you should set his car on fire.

In 1996, “Count on Me” was the perfect song to put on a mix tape for your best friend after you got caught passing a note calling her a slut.

In 1999, “It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay” empowered college girls to stay in school even though their boyfriends were cheating on them and everyone knew it.

And in…in, um…Okay, so things get a bit patchy after 1999, but for more than a decade Whitney provided the soundtrack of my life. The beauty and power of her voice will always give me chills.

I only wish she could have found the “Greatest Love of All” and survived the grueling pressures of fame and money.

Rest in Peace Whitney.