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August 11, 2013

Not all of your friends watch, "Breaking Bad," and here are some things that the one's who don't watch might say when you bring the show up in conversation.

"Breaking Bad," is finally back! Unfortunately, not everyone watches it* (crazy, right?!), which means that some of your dud friends won't be able to talk with you about the greatest show on TV (ugh, they're SO annoying). When you say, "Are you all caught up on, 'Breaking Bad'?" you expect to hear, "Yeah! It's so damn good," or, "Not yet. I'm on (insert episode and season)," but on occasion you might hear some of these responses:

1. "Oh, I don't watch 'Breaking Bad.'"

2. "That's the show about meth, right?"

3. "The final season's about to start soon."

4. "Bryan Cranston is a really good actor."

5. "Remember when he played the dad on 'Malcolm in the Middle'?"

6. "What happened to Frankie Muniz?"

7. "My favorite character was Dewey."

8. "The mom was funny, too."

9. "Who even played Reese?"

10. "Francis got married and moved to Alaska or something."

11. "Yeah. I need to start watching, 'Breaking Bad.'"

12. "Have you been watching, 'Orange is the New Black'?"

*I don't watch, "Breaking Bad." Sorry, guys.