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April 14, 2008


I would like to know what is this obsession with women and online shopping. I work customer service for the online department of a womens clothing store and it is one confused woman after another. I talked to one woman on the phone who returned a ring to us that she didnt even buy from the store. It was her own ring! She said she didnt know how that happen but she needs me to ship it back to her ASAP! I received an email from a woman who was desperate to find a blue blouse that she saw in a magazine. No name brand, no name of magazine, just a blue blouse and she signed the E-mail a "tired mother".

Another woman by the name of Bryanna called me and demanded to know where her order was. I asked her for her order #, she said she didnt have it. She said "I don't remember what I ordered, it was, you know, one of those midnight drunk online shopping sprees". What? MIDNIGHT DRUNK ONLINE SHOPPING SPREES? I mean pull it together. Turns out her midnight drunk online shopping spree was for padded panties that make you look like you have a big ass. ASSHOLE!