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February 28, 2009


Listen up guys! here's a recipe for you to impress your wives with!
It's creative and easy and it will save your marriage! It's right here in writing! See...you just read it!
Not only is it easy,  she will think a little bit of hard work is involved. (meaning it has more than two ingredients.)

Rueben Meatloaf

Combine by hand (wash them digits good):
one 12oz can of corn beef
one pound hamburger
one and a forth cup bread crumbs
two eggs
one coarsly diced medium onion
and one teaspoon of caraway seeds (the caraway seed is a natural way to cut dolwn on the gasses caused by the sauerkraut. This is important so you will cut back on farting, guys! After all...you want to impress the wife. Save those warm regards for bedtime)

Flatten this mixture out into one great big square on the bottom of a nine by thirteen baking dish. With the side of your hand, score the center of the meat lengthwise. This is a good way to incorporate those imaginary Karati classes we all took in grade school after bowls of sugar sweet cereal and an hour of Hong Kong Phooey!
Drain a 14oz can of sauerkraut in the sink and place the yummy cabbage mass/wad down the center of the meat. Top that with one cup of shredded swiss cheese.

Now for the tricky part!
You've got to bring the sides of the meat together at the top so you form a log.
Pinch the loaf (snicker) together and make sure it is sealed well.

Drizzle a little bit of olive oil over the top. And bake at 325 for fortyfive minutes.

If you really want to be artsy-fartsy (and if you use enough caraway seed, no one will ever know), place a few slices of swiss over the top so it melts in a pleasant diamond shape ...and this also hides any cracks on the top of the meatloaf where you didn't seal it well enough.

Leftovers are really good cold, too!

Ladies, if farting still occurs, sprinkle caraway  over hubby when he is sleeping. But remember, a little goes a long way....don't get caradaway!