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May 31, 2012

I'm sure many of us have wondered this throughout the ages.

I'm sure many people wonder why this talentless trio of cum dumpsters are famous.  Why in the fuck do we have to see these useless wenches plastered across every media outlet in the world?  There must be some accomplishments they have achieved to reach such notoriety! It's actually quite simple.  They are famous for the same reason their dad is.  Getting black dudes off.  Coincidentally they are all athletes. What does that tell you?  She needs a lot of meat to fill that war torn Saudi-Labia!  Black dudes, why would you date these scallywags? Haven't you realized that when you combine their names you get KKK? You can tell that the whole family is nothing but a pile of leaches because they rode Kim's bang bus all the way to the bank!  But what do you expect?  Daddy was a soulless attorney.  I'm sure he's sporting a nice pair of horns and roasting by a fire right now. Thunderskanks unite!!! Hoooooooooooooes!!!