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January 26, 2009


I know in some of my more recent posts I commented about Fox news being a lame source of information;I just know I'm gonna get shit for throwing this Wikipedia link up.


Sure I could have used the bbc.uk.com link which would gave ya more info and me no joke to with. I read up on Apophis from other sites plus on accord to Wikipedia (CONSIDER THE SOURCE) was the rival the Egyptian sun god Ra.As well as the bad guy on Stargate. I've never watch the show;hated the movie. I compared to the Scrubs of the Sci-Fi Channel. As soon as I see the guy with the shit on his forehead I start flicking the remote as quick as possible. I don't if 99942 Apophis will hit us on 2036 for the second round. Though,the first time around it will definitely fuck shit up when it passes between the Earth and The Moon on 2029.I know for damn sure I'm having an end-of-the-world kick ass celebration if not the whole new orleans area.Or,what left of it after Hurricane Katrina. I was at a hurricane party for Katrina before it hit.I'm a Naturally N'Awlins kinda guy. If there's Death and Destruction on the way I figure you might as well as party ass off now.