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August 07, 2008


I've been greeted with open arms by the cast. All but one, I've worked with on shows in the past. We know how we all work and there is a synergy there. I think I may have seen the director crack a smile at me. There was a rumble in the earth, my prompt book shook hard. I looked over and I could swear there was an upturned side of her face! Were my glasses foggy? Scratched? I don't know. I'm not looking for approval from this lady. Just want to know that she's human. :)

How could you not laugh? The actors are brilliant and it's a good script! As I'm madly writing down who came in what door, when (and trust me it's not an easy task when you have everyone coming in at the same time on a multi level set)... I can still squeeze out a chuckle. Again, not hard to do. This woman's stoicism amazes me.

Ok..enough about that...well, at least for now, until I find something else to blab about. LOL

I've booked myself solid starting in October! Yikes. What stinks is that everyone wants me to help out with auditions. Ugh. Nothing worse that having silverware flung at you. No joke. We held auditions for another show last week and as part of this guy's monlogue...he flung utensils at the director and I. What does a techie do? Seeing as there were no further displays of aggression towards us, I took my hand off the "panic" button and thanked him. I actually walked him to the door and made sure he got in his car and drove away. There have been only a handful of calls from him. I thought I might have seen a stragling spoon floating around...a calling card perhaps? Maybe just my overactive imagination.

Anyway, back to my original train of thought. I'm booked for auditions on a day I have rehearsal..for the robot director (gotta find a better nickname for her..some inspiration please?). So...*fingers tapping* how is one in two places at once? Again...what would a techie do?

The funny thing is I don't feel like I am actually a proper techie. I started off as an actor. But being a Type-A, anal retentive...well.. you get the picture, I helped out with a show I was performing in. Then, all of a sudden I overhear someone saying, ask Leslie to SM for you, she's a good stage manager. A stage manager? Me? Let a lone a good one? I kept auditioning and getting cast, and my name still kept going around as a stage manager. Damn near killed me! I was making more money as a stage manager so I started taking all of those gigs, learning as much as anyone could teach me along the way. And here I am answering the flood of e-mails that comes with the territory, studying my prompt book and waiting for happy hour somewhere in the world...asking myself...what would a techie do?


BTW: I know this blog is all over the map. Kind of the way I'm feeling right now. *sigh* My apologies to anyone who reads this. I'm not too terribly funny...but I hope I'm at least in the amusing category. :)