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December 16, 2009


So...my MSN kicks in and one of the headlines reads "Chocolate Milk :Good for you or just JUNK?"
Now, just for asking that question I have a "fuck off" in response because MILK is good for you and just because you put some chocolate in it it doesn't suddenly become "junk".  I am so sick and tired of the "pooh-pooh" that people put on anything that tastes good, anything that achieves the same end in an easier or more fun way.  The media makes it seem like if you've done something in a simple way, you've shortchanged the world somehow and your children will grow up deprived and, like, ten polar bears will DIE instantly because you didn't tow the line in the most tedious way.  What is that?  Can you people just fuck off, please?  Get real hobbies, collect some coins, climb a fucking mountain or something and let us underachiever/under thinkers enjoy our deliscious chocolate milk in peace.