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August 24, 2016

Imagination is astonishingly powerful.

Imagination is astonishingly powerful. With all the hyperactive hubbub of our modern world it’s easy to forget the simple, engrossing pleasures that imagination can provide. And there’s no better catalyst for creativity than a book. Armed with the right story and the power of your imagination,anything is possible: Books can transport you to a magical world while you shit.

A book is a gateway to a new adventure. Just unfurl the pages,and experience life through the eyes of an emperor or a peasant, a saint or a scoundrel. Meet Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon Bonaparte, or William Shakespeare.Once a story takes hold, the greatest figures from history and the most captivating characters from fantasy come alive to guide you on an unforgettable voyage as you shit.

While you’re shitting, you can journey anywhere your mind can conceive. Whether it’s climbing Mt. Everest, paddling down the Amazon, or traversing the Serengeti, a book is your passport to distant lands. With a book in hand, you can explore the center of the earth or conquer alien planets without ever leaving the restroom.

A book can fill you with joy or break your heart. A book can stoke your rage or assuage your fears. A book can teach you something you never knew about yourself, about your background, or even about society itself. From the second you start shitting until the second you flush, the collective experiences of humankind are at your fingertips.

So make some time for reading each day. Our electronic devices can be fun, but constant stimulation while we shit has diminishing returns. No video game or YouTube clip is a match for the quiet joy found in a contemplative moment of reading. Besides, there’s nothing quite like the feel of real pages resting between your bare legs.

Literature is more than entertainment, more than a distraction. A book can be a companion, a confidante, and a friend when you shit. A book is loyal and true, always ready to whisk you away on new and unforeseen escapades. And best of all, when you’re finished, a good book will be waiting patiently for your return, four to six hours later.